Fixed Price Procurement


The traditional approach to energy procurement has been a fixed price, fixed duration contract.

The Fixed Price approach provides customers with price stability and budget certainty for a defined period of time. A Fixed Price approach is usually chosen by customers that are risk averse and do not wish to be exposed to the volatilities of the Energy Markets.

This type of contract fixes the price of the energy in advance, creating absolute certainty over costs for the duration of the agreement.

Although giving price certainty, the Fixed Price approach does still have a number of risks, which need to be carefully managed. As the energy element can account for 75% of your contract price, when and how you make your energy purchasing decision is crucial.

By determining each customers budget constraints and using detailed market intelligence, GEM track the Energy Market to ensure that each customer has a contract that fits their specific budget constraints and requirements.

GEM are experts in this field and when you use us to procure your Fixed Price energy contract, you'll have the confidence that you are being represented by one of the leading specialists in this market.

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