Portfolio Managed Procurement


Some customers may be too small to be able to contract using a Flexible Procurement solution in their own right. To enable these customers to take advantage of the benefits of Flexible Procurement, GEM assembles groups of likeminded energy users whose combined volumes qualify for a fully flexible energy contract.

GEM's Portfolio Managed approach ensures that no cross subsidisation occurs and provides access to a Flexible Procurement solution that would otherwise not be available.

By using a fully flexible energy contract, with lock and unlock capabilities, GEM has the ability to lock in prices if we see the market is rising and unlock purchases should prices soften. This allows GEM to repurchase at more competitive prices. Operating within a defined risk-management strategy, GEM will always look to optimise the price agreed whilst protecting each client's budget.

A suite of regular reports ensures GEMs clients are aware of the Portfolio position, its performance to date and all activities undertaken to achieve budget certainty whilst maximising any revenue savings.

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