Renewable Generation


With concerns about Climate Change, Security of Supply and depleting natural resources now at the forefront of policy and regulation in the UK, the drive towards a Low Carbon Economy is now paramount. In order to achieve the UK's low carbon objectives, the successful deployment of Renewable Technology is imperative.

With this in mind, GEM has developed our Renewable Energy Revenue Maximisation service to provide our clients with the knowledge, resources and expertise required to implement a successful renewable energy project.

GEM will provide you with expert support and advice from establishing the feasibility of a renewable generation project through to supporting you in managing the financial rewards once it is in place and commissioned.

Our Renewable Energy Revenue Maximisation service will provide you with support and advice during the different stages of your project, namely


The viability of any renewable generation project must be established by carrying out both a commercial and technical feasibility study. In order to do this GEM will fully evaluate the specifics of the location, connection to grid, generation type, capacity on the grid at your location and the potential funding available. Once it has been determined that the project is viable, GEM will assist you in building a business case and obtaining the relevant planning permissions. GEM can provide you with assistance and support needed to ensure that the correct decisions are made in a timely manner.

Project Construction and Commissioning

Once finances are in place and planning permission agreed, the construction of your project can begin. GEM will oversee the construction of the equipment and ensure that all of the required metering and accreditations are in place to ensure that once construction has been completed, commissioning can begin in earnest.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Once your equipment is commissioned, you will need a Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) if you are planning to export energy. We will arrange for a competitive tender to be completed to ensure you receive market leading values for not only your exported energy, but also the associated certificates (ROCs, LECs and REGOs) and any embedded benefits available to you.

Ongoing Management and Support

On a monthly basis, we will send you a Generation Report that enables you to invoice the purchaser of your power after we have validated the export statement. In addition, we will manage your OFGEM register entries for ROCs or FiTs, LECs and REGOs to maximise any benefits you receive as part of your PPA

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